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Shiba Inu


 Routine Dental Cleaning Guidelines

Carter Veterinary Clinic performs routine dental cleaning procedures weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


Your pet will be placed under general inhaled anesthesia for the procedure, which carries less risk due to this type of  anesthesia not being metabolized. However, inhaled anesthesia can make some pets nauseated.  As a result, we kindly ask that you do not provide any food to your pet after midnight prior to your pet's dental cleaning appointment. You may offer your pet sips of water as needed.  Bring your pet in on an empty stomach. 

On the morning of your scheduled dental cleaning, we will ask that you drop off your pet

at Carter Veterinary Clinic between the hours of 8am-11am.  

After dental cleaning, your pet will need to remain with us until 5pm for post-dental bath and post-anesthesia monitoring.


We kindly ask that all dental patients be picked up at 5pm.  Pet's that remain in our care after 5:30pm will be boarded overnight at an additional cost.  For pets that are not picked up on time and are boarded overnight, pickup will be available during our regular business hours the following business day.

Teeth Cleaning, Scaling, and Polishing is $150

Anesthesia and Anesthesia Monitoring is $35

Dental Decayed Tooth Extractions are $10/tooth

Dental Non-Decayed Tooth Extractsion are $50/tooth

Antibiotics may be required after extractions

Post-Procedure Bath/Blowdry - No Charge


*Teeth are only extracted if completely necessary for the health and wellness of your dog. 



-Any established patient who fails to show or cancels/reschedules an appointment and has not contacted our office with at least 24 hours notice of the cancellation or reschedule request will be considered a no-show. Future appointment scheduling requests will be evaluated by the staff of Carter Veterinary Clinic.  Time is set aside for your scheduled appointment and not showing up and not canceling within a reasonable time frame takes time away from other clients.  In most cases, we will book future appointments as drop-off appointments for clients with multiple no-show appointments.


-Any new, unestablished client/patient that fails to show for their appointment or fails to change or cancel the appointment 24 hours in advance will not be rescheduled by Carter Veterinary Clinic in the future.

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